Feeder Pillar Panel

What is feeder in electrical panels

In an electrical panel, a feeder is a circuit or conductor that carries electrical power from the panel to a subpanel or branch circuit. The feeder is responsible for distributing power to multiple circuits or loads, which may be located in different parts of a building or facility. Feeder circuits are typically used in larger electrical systems to help distribute power from the main electrical service entrance to multiple subpanels or branch circuits. The feeder circuit will usually have a higher amperage rating than the individual branch circuits that it supplies, and may be protected by a separate overcurrent device such as a circuit breaker or fuse. In summary, a feeder in an electrical panel is a circuit or conductor that carries power from the main electrical service entrance to a subpanel or branch circuit, allowing for the distribution of power to multiple loads.

Feeder Pillar Panel are used for the distribution of power supply, the Feeder Pillar Panels are breaker panels which are the very first set of switching devices at the secondary side of the transformer. A feeder pillar panel is a source for controlling and monitoring electricity supply in residential or commercial buildings throughout a region. In a nutshell, the feeder pillar panels are the power source of electricity and storehouse to convert the power supplied from the main source to low voltage electricity for domestic or commercial use!

Advantage of Feeder Pillar Panel

  • The total insulation of the feeder pillar protects anyone who might be near the pillar carrying out maintenance procedures.
  • Electrical Safety Testing is easier to carry out with top and bottom voltage sockets.
  • The top short-circuiting device looks after the prevention of short circuits.
  • A safe connection to the external emergency is ensured by a quick-connection interface of the feeder pillar
  • Power supply for internal circuits and lighting is provided directly by the feeder pillar.
  • Reduced Cost, Increased Efficiency – feeder pillars are located close to the electricity supply point thereby reducing the costs.
  • Delivered to Site, Ready to Use – fully assembled LV distribution feeder pillars are fitted out to customer's specification for fast site installation.

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