MCC Panel, Motor Control Center Panel

Nextgen Power Control is known for (MCC) motor control center panel precision engineered Industrial MCC control panel. We don't compromise anything below perfection. We design and motor control center panel that have the capacity to feed larger loads, are designed as per client's specifications, and comply with international standards.

  • MCC Panel with DOL, STAR-DELTA, RDOL, starters.
  • MCC Panel are with various design like Single / Double Front, with DCS / Marshaling terminations.
  • Facilities of different control voltage with control transformer control Bus
  • With type-2 co-ordination wherever required.
  • MCC Panel

    A Motor Control Center (MCC) is an assembly that controls several or all-electric motors centrally. There are multiple enclosed sections and a common power bus. Each section has a combination starter, which consists of a motor starter, fuses or circuit breakers, and a power disconnect. It is also possible to equip a motor control center with push buttons, indicator lights, variable-frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, and metering equipment. In some buildings, it may be combined with the electrical service entrance.

    How does the Motor Control Center Panel Operate?

    Many industrial processes require a large number of Motor Control Centre panel are used to regulate them all. With the Motor control Center, the control components can be plugged in or unplugged, eliminating the need for wiring. A motor control center would consist of a bus bar and other control equipment to control the motor’s operation and integrate the components into a panel. Motor control Center supports several motor starting methods, including DOL and star-delta starters. A motor control center includes feeders for motors and blowers. Feeders are designed based on motor power ratings. The majority of Motor control Centers will have auto/manual options. It is possible to operate motors manually with manual provision.

    Nextgen Power Control’s Best Solution for Motor Control Center Panel

    • Nextgen Power Control is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of Motor Control Center Panel (MCCs) to a wide range of industrial establishments nationwide. We have a wide range of MCC Panels for distributing power through various motor types. After that, it is distributed to the various motor loads located throughout the factory.
    • Nextgen Power Control offers its customers superior quality. In the Motor Control Centre (MCC) Panel, the different electric parameters are monitored and controlled from different vertical sections. As a result, a variety of Motor control Center Panel can handle high currents at low voltages very effectively.
    • Nextgen Power Control Motor Control Center Panel are fully compartmentalized modular chambers that are provided with independent doors and covered with PU foam gaskets.
    • The Motor Control Center (MCC) Panel are used to control the power supplied to motors, panels, and transformers as a power distribution board. Nextgen Power Control manufactures its centers under the supervision of experts using only superior-quality materials and components. Depending on the client’s requirements, our Motor control Center Panel are available in different customized specifications.

    All Industries can benefit from Nextgen Power Control Motor Control Centers Panel, including steel, railway, cement, oil, chemical, automotive, and manufacturing sectors, dust and vermin-proof modules, horizontal and vertical busbar chambers, and vertical cable nets.

    MCC Panel Technical Features

    Construction Details

    • Modular / Non- compartmentalized construction.
    • Panel structure with MS CRCA/SS.
    • Indoor / Outdoor type Structure.
    • Single front/double front Operated.
    • Provision for Extensible for future use.
    • Provision of Rubber Gaskets to meet IP requirement like IP-42/52/54/55/65.
    • Arrangement for heat dissipation by means of Exhaust Fan or Lowers.

    MCC Panels Pre Treatment and Painting

    • Three Tank / Seven Tank Pre treatment process
    • Final paint shade as per IS or client specifications
    • Synthetic Enamel / Epoxy based primer / Powder coating as per customer’s requirement
    MCC Panels Bus Bar Arrangement & Cable Alley
    • Electrical Grade Aluminum / Copper Busbar
    • Main busbar chamber at top / bottom of the Panel
    • Separate chamber for vertical dropper
    • Busbar System design on basis of continuous Current rating and Fault level with stand capacity
    • Allowable temperature rise as per IS 8623 or as per specifications
    • Busbar supports of SMC/DMC Material
    • Top / Bottom cable entry. Detachable gland plate for cable entry
    MCC Panel Assembly & Wiring
    • Selection of components from Approved / Reputed vendor list as per Approved Drawing
    • Design of Internal Layout fo optimum usage of space
    • Internal wiring with 660/1100 v Grade PVC coated stranded Copper Flexible Wires
    • Crimping Lugs are used for intrnal Connections / Terminations
    MCC Panel Quality Assurance & Control Systems
    • Inspection of Fabrication structure for dimension as per approved G.A. drawing
    • Inspection of Painting / Powder coating

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