APFC Panels, Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels are mainly used to keep the power factor at a desired level as per the electricity board's rules. The power factor is a measure of how efficiently the electricity is used. It is calculated by dividing the active power (the power that does useful work) by the apparent power (the total power supplied). The higher the power factor, the less electricity is wasted. This can help to save money and avoid penalties from the electricity board.

APFC Panels has a micro-controller that can automatically switch on or off different capacitor banks. Capacitor banks are devices that store and release electrical energy. APFC Panel with a stage based pre-programmable micro-controller of varied make which triggers the capacitor banks of suitable capacity automatically in multiple stages by directly sensing the reactive load which works in the principle of VAR (Volt Ampere Reactive) sensing tends to maintain the PF to 0.99 Lag. The capacitor banks are selected in a number of stages as 4/6/8/12/16 according to the load pattern as per the customer requirement.

Technical Features of APFC Panels

APFC Panels Construction Details

  • Modular / Non- compartmentalized construction.
  • Panel structure with MS CRCA/SS.
  • Indoor / Outdoor type Structure.
  • Single front/double front Operated.
  • Provision for Extensible for future use.
  • Provision of Rubber Gaskets to meet IP requirement like IP-42/52/54/55/65.
  • Arrangement for heat dissipation by means of Exhaust Fan or Lowers.

APFC Control Panel Pre Treatment and Painting

  • Three Tank / Seven Tank Pre treatment process
  • Final paint shade as per IS or client specifications
  • Synthetic Enamel / Epoxy based primer / Powder coating as per customer’s requirement
APFC Panels Bus Bar Arrangement & Cable Alley
  • Electrical Grade Aluminum / Copper Busbar
  • Main busbar chamber at top / bottom of the Panel
  • Separate chamber for vertical dropper
  • Busbar System design on basis of continuous Current rating and Fault level with stand capacity
  • Allowable temperature rise as per IS 8623 or as per specifications
  • Busbar supports of SMC/DMC Material
  • Top / Bottom cable entry. Detachable gland plate for cable entry
APFC Panels Assembly & Wiring
  • Selection of components from Approved / Reputed vendor list as per Approved Drawing
  • Design of Internal Layout fo optimum usage of space
  • Internal wiring with 660/1100 v Grade PVC coated stranded Copper Flexible Wires
  • Crimping Lugs are used for intrnal Connections / Terminations
APFC Panels Quality Assurance & Control Systems
  • Inspection of Fabrication structure for dimension as per approved G.A. drawing
  • Inspection of Painting / Powder coating

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